lord bahubali Gommateshwara

Lord Bahubali Gommateshwara



King Nabhiraj, after meeting Lord ‘Vrishabh Deva’, happily and respectfully speaks to him thus- ‘O Lord, you are the chief commander of this world. Being ‘Yugadi Purush’ you are ‘Brahma’ (Eternal God). In your creation I am only a very small creature. Even then, I make a humble petition and request you to kindly utilise your wisdom towards the worldly affairs. The people, at this period, shall imitate you, therefore, I beseech your approval to marry a respectable girl. You must accept this immortal religion in the garb of marriage.’ The Lord smiles and uttering ‘Om’, gives accord to his father’s proposal. At the same time, king Nabhiraj, after obtaining God Indra’s permission, celebrates Lord Vrishabhdeva’s marriage ceremonies, with ‘Katch-Mahakatch’s sisters ‘Yashaswati’ and ‘Sunanda mother of (lord bahubali)’.

Birth of lord Bahubali

As a virtue of marital life, ‘Yashaswati Devi’ gives birth to ‘Bharat’, “Vrishabhsen’ and other ninety nine sons and a daughter named ‘Brahmi’.


‘Sunanda’ also gives birth to a son named, ‘Kamdev Bahaubali’ and a daughter named ‘Sundari’. Lord Vrishabh Deva himself, makes these sons and daughters proficient and cultured. He makes all his sons perfect in the knowledge of arms, art, science, economics, sex, religious treatise, jewellery testing, drawing, building and other relative subjects.

Rule over Podanpur

Some times, taking a solemn resolve for salvation and observing the rules of religious devotion, coronating ‘Bharat’ as king and ‘Bahubali’ as prince, he makes him the ruler of ‘Padanpur’. Thus, after declaring the other ninety nine sons also as rulers according to suitability, he himself teaches the formula with regard to behave towards saints. In this way, the Lord, performing hard penance, is purifying his own deeds. On the other side the one hundred and one sons, Bharat, Bahubali, Vrishabhsen, Anantvirya and others in accordance with the instruction from their father, are carrying out the functions of their respective states justifiably and thus looking after their people like their own sons.

Bharat’s Universal rule

At one and the same time, three messengers came to Bharat’s court and conveyed separate news to him- ‘ Oh Lord, your father Lord Vrishabhdeva has been blessed with ‘Kewalgyan’ (knowledge). ‘O Master, in your armoury a ‘Grand Wheel’ has come into being.’ ‘O Great King, a son has taken birth in your ‘Antahpur.’ After receiving these three rejoicing news simultaneously, Bharat thinks in his mind, which of the functions should be celebrated at first. At once he takes a decision. ‘Oh, at first I should go to my Lord (respected father) and worship God ‘Kewalgyani’, because the ‘Grand Wheel’ is the reward of wealth of perseverance and the son that of efforts of sex. Both these are the fruits of the religious garden and therefore, I Should give the first preference to religion. Bharat, in the first instance, approaches Lord Vriashabhdeva and happily worships. Then, he after performing worship of the ‘Grand Wheel’, celebrates its birth ceremony. At last after carrying out other duties properly he departs for ‘Digvijay’ (universal conquest).

Universal conquest still incomplete

After sixty thousand years, King Bharat, after achieving victory over the whole universe, is going to enter the town of Ayodhya and then suddenly he receives a message- ‘O King, the ‘Grand Wheel’ has stopped at the ‘Gopur-Gate’ of ‘Ayodhya’. It seems that still you have to obtain victory over somebody. After the religious pandit had fully explained the situation Bharat thinks- Although I have become the Lord of the universe but my own brothers have not accepted me as the Universal Ruler and paid their compliments so far. After seriously meditating over the matter, he sends messengers to his ninety eight brothers inculding Anantvir. All the brothers after discussing over the matter among themselves, go to Lord Vriashabhdev and while protecting their self-respect, they adopt Jaineshwari religious devotion. Although Bharat’s mind is aggrieved on hearing about this incident, but there being no solution, he also sends messenger to his brother, ‘Bahubali’. The messenger on reaching there, respectfully salutes Bahubali. After conveying the well wishes, he mentions about the universal conquest and then conveys his message thus : ‘O Lord, King Bharat has taken his birth in ‘Ikshvaku’ family. He is the son of Lord Vriashabhdeva, who is foremost amongst the kings and then he is your elder brother, therefore, please go to him and pay your compliments. O Lord, he is being saluted by all the human beings, Lords, learned people and thirty two thousand ruling princes, but being devoid of your compliments, can he claim to be called ‘King of the Universe’? Hearing all this, Bahubali, politely smilingly replies thus- “O Messenger, where there is unity amongst the relatives, then only love and respect can both exist. But when it is otherwise, both of them vanish. “The elder brother deserves respect”, this saying is justified at other times, but when he has kept a sword on his head, then where is the justification for saluting him? When he wants to establish his right over this land of mine, given by my respected father, then we too have to protect our right and self respect. You may go and convey to ‘Bharat’ that ‘Bahubali’ does not want to take or give any thing to him.” In this way, after entering into conversation with the messenger, ‘Bahubali’ ties himself for fighting a battle against Bharat. On this side his army comes out to the battlefield. After receiving the message through the messenger, on the other side, King Bharat invades ‘Podanpur’. Seeing both the brothers in the battlefield, the minister from both the sides meet each other and discuss- A minister speaks-‘Oh, both these brothers are very strong-bodied persons. This battle of theirs shall be the cause of destruction of all the soldiers. If one is the ruler of the Universe, the other one is Cupid. Both possess extreme strength. Both are the sons of Lord Vriashabhdev and both can not be defeated. Who shall be victorious, nothing can be said? The second minister speaks- ‘Religious battle should be arranged for both of them. Why should they not decide their victory or defeat after fighting with each other?’ The third minister then suggests-‘Yes, this is right. Whoever wins in the sight-fight, water-fight and wrestling shall be the master of this land. With this proposal we should approach both of them.’ All together announce- “Alright, Alright.” In this way, ministers from both the sides, after requesting both the robust Kings, declare about the religious battle.

A battle between Brothers(Bharat and lord bahubali)

At that time, in the battle-field, the Kings of their respective groups, take their seats on one side. In the centre both the brothers (Bharat and Bahubali) come for a fight. At first there is sight-fight, but the height of Bharat’s body was 500 arrows and that of Bahubali, was 525 arrows, therefore, on account of Bharat’s sight being lower in height, his eyes start winking earlier and then Bharat’s defeat and Bahubali’s victory is accepted. In the water-fight, both brothers, after entering into the pond, start sprinkling water upon each other. In this fight also, on account of water sprinkling on his face, Bharat becomes disturbed. In the third fight of wrestling, both the brothers are fighting with each other. For a long time, none of them is defeated. Then Bahubali, carrying Bharat, gives him a round in the air and then thinks- ‘Oh, he is of prior birth (elder). It is not at all justified to throw him on the ground.’ Therefore, he makes him to sit on his shoulders. Slogans of victory are sounded on the side of Bahubali, whereas on Bharat’s side, everybody’s head is down out of shame. Bahubali, after taking off Bharat, makes him to sit on a high seat. At that time, king Bharat, on account of disgrace with defeat, becomes emotionally angry. With his pride of universal monarchy, he remembers his ‘heavenly wheel; and throws it moving towards Bahubali. That wheel, after approaching Bahubali, making three circles around him and losing its glory, stops just near him. At that time, all the great kings scolding him, speak thus- ‘O King, you leave it now, Stop this boldness of yours.’ At that moment the Universal monarch feels more sorrowful. On the other side, the great Kings, praising Bahubali, show their respects for him. At that time Bahubali, exhibiting his excellence, of mind, speaks to Bharat thus- ‘O, you have displayed great heroism.’ At the same time, he thinks in his mind-

Current of Asceticism

‘Oh, our brother, for the sake of this temporary kingdom, what a blunder has he committed? Was he not aware of the fact that the ‘Grand Wheel’ does not kill people of the same creed. Inspite of being subdued in the three fights, how has he violated the behaviour of justice. That rule should be disdained which destroys the brotherly affection.” Thinking in that way, he talks to Bharat thus- ‘O superb among Kings, you, being under the influence of greed, have taken a very bold step. You have proved this immortal fact that Vriashabhdev’s son Bharat has been a saviour of his generation. O Bharat, the kingdom, wealth, you are considering to be eternal, shall that remain with you for ever? Let this kingdom be yours. I have no love for it. I wish to enter the penance-grove for eternal welath. O brother whatever offence I have committed due to childish wisdom, I beg your pardon.” Hearing these Bahubali’s words, Bharat feels peaceful in his mind and he while repenting, speaks thus- “Yes, I have committed a grave mistake.” Then Bahubali speaks- ‘Brother, now I wish to adopt Jaineshwari devotion’. Bharat’s heart is filled with brotherly affection. He then hearing of devotion speaks- ‘Brother, this is not the time for devotion. Stay at home for some time yet. But, Bahubali, not shifting from his solemn reslove somehow or other, making a humble request, satisfies Bharat and after handing over the kingdom to his son Mahabali, departs away from there to adopt Digambari devotion at the feet of his teacher Vrishabhdev.

Marvellous ‘Yog’

Many months have passed in performing penace. The snakes have built their dwellings near his feet. The tiny snakes come out of the holes of their dwellings again and again and play near and over the body of the Lord. The serpents are moving about, raising their hoods. Creepers, like Vasanti, have come up over the Lord’s body. The birds have built their nests, the insects like scorpions and ‘Kankhajuras’ move up and down his body. It is all justified because great men’s support is for everbody’s welfare. Tolerating the horrible heat of summer, Bahubali is still looking jubilant. In the rainy season, it is raining in cats and dogs. The clouds are thundering. Lightning is shining, and sometimes due to tremor, terrifying sound is heard. The huge stones start falling after breakage but the great man Bahubali’s heart does not tremble. Cool breezy wind is blowing in winter. People’s bodies are shivering but Bahubali is unshakable. Snow is freezing on his body. Although frost is falling but he is absorbed in rectifying his deeds (Karmas). This is the only strange thing.

Perfection of prosperity

After appearance of perfect secret knowledge in his mind, he is bringing everything into the meditative field. After obtaining extremity in the knowledge of understanding for him, by simply knowing a stanza or a word, to understand the meaing of the whole scripture, is just like keeping a big store of wisdom wherein the knowledge of various subjects has been separately secured. Thus all sorts of religious prosperity showing wonders, has been exposed in him. He has become “Shrut Kewali” by understanding the ‘Dvadshang’. He is now the master of various types of knowledge such as ‘Sarvavadi’, ‘Manahparyay’ and so on. In that way the penance exhibits sharpness, wherein the body, instead of being coarse starts becoming brilliant. Such types of prosperities have thus appeared by whose effect the biggest body can be built and by the very touch of the religiously touched wind, all the diseases and pains are destroyed. Thus, the herbs-containing wealth has come into being, whose effect converts the tasteless and bitter eatables in his hand into milk, ghee and tasteful eatables. His teachings serve as nectar for the listeners and thus prosperities containing tasty milk, nectars etc. have appeared. Its effect enables one to understand the ‘Dvadshang’ eloquently within 48 minutes. These types of prosperities carry strength of mind, speech and body and by whose study the three worlds can be made topsy-turvy. The further effect of the prosperity is,that in the small field around him, numerous gods, goddesses, human beings, animals and birds etc. without creating any hindrance for each other, are sitting patiently. Although the great saint Bahubali has nothing to do with them, even then the disciples, with the effect of the prosperities (Riddhis) and being free from disease, grief trouble and riot, are feeling happy and peaceful.

Effect of Penance

“Ah, the holy effect of Bahubali’s penance if inconceivable which has removed the darkness of minds and ill feelings of ‘Tiryanchas’. At that place, the fragrance-filled wind always blows. Many worshippers go there, perform religious ceremonies and worship the Lord. The aeroplanes of the ‘Vidyadhar’ (possessors of knowledge) stop in the sky. They do not cross over the Lord. They drop down and absorbed in the pleasure of devotion, worship the Lord some times, affected by the penance. The Gods’ seats are shaken and then they after coming from there worship at the Lord’s feet with modesty. Some of the Gods salute from there itself and thereby worship the Lord. Possessors of learing (Vidyadharis) visit that place to see the great hermit Bahubali. They remove the creepers spreading over the Lord’s body but these creepers come over again and again and it seems that they, finding the Lord having the same colour and thus thinking Him of their creed, accept Him as their master.

Victory over ‘Karmas’ (deeds)

Lord Bahubali, increasing the purity of the consequences, with the power of ‘Saddhyan’ (meditation) has attained-‘Shukla’ meditation. ‘As soon as his one year’s fast reaches the stage of completion, King Bharat arrives there and influenced by his worship, performs religious functions in various ways. In the meantime, Bahubali confirmed in ‘Shukla’ meditation, after destroying the murderous (Ghatiya) ‘Karmas’ (deeds), enlightens the ‘Kewal’ knowledge. At the same moment Devas’ (Gods’) seats in heaven are shaken and they reach there along with their families. With Lord Indra’s permission, the artisans build “Gandh Kuti”, in “Ardh-Nimish”. Lord Bahubali, after ascending 5000 bows above the surface of the earth, takes his seat on the Lotusthrone in “Gandh Kuti”.

Did Bahubali have shalya (thorn)

In the course of meditation, some times this affection awoke in his mind that Bharat has been distressed by me, and therefore, on appearance of ‘Kewal’ Knowledge, Bharat’s worship was expected from me. But I am standing on Bharat’s land, This was not Shalya (thorn). Had this been ‘Shalya’ then he, being a hermit could not have attained Manahparyay knowledge and numerous prosperities.

Worship by Universal Ruler

Bharat, on his brother Bahaubali attaining ‘Kewalgyan’ (knowledge), is so much overjoyed, which cannot be described. Surrounded by the family and the ladies, Bharat starts worshipping again and again. Ganges water is sprinkled. Flowers from ‘Kalpa’ trees are offered. Gems are collected any by offering various other things, he performs excellent worship. In fact, firstly that Bahubali is Bharat’s younger brother, secondly that Bharat has great affection for religion, thirdly that they were related to each other in many previous births and fourthly that they have great love for each other. Each one of these four reasons is a cause of the vigorous worship. If all the said four reasons meet together, then greatness of worship is beyond description. Bahubali’s worship performed by Bharat in the first instance, was aimed at getting his fault pardoned and thereafter the worship is to have the sanctity of ‘Kewal’ gyan (knowledge).

Worship by Gods

God Indra, along with Indranis and numerous Gods’ families are performing Bahubali’s eminent worship. After the worshipping is over, all the Gods, human beings, possessors of knowledge and ‘Tiryanch’ beings, sitting on their respective roofs listen to the heavenly preaching. His eternal speech seems to be delivered without the movement of throat, lips and mouth etc.

Nectar of Preaching

‘O grand human beings, in the world every person is alone. He takes birth and meets death all alone. This soul possesses infinite knowledge, pleasure and strength, It is pure, and settled, but right from the eternal era, the deeds have made it a slave and imprisoned him in the world jail. Where he suffers from various kinds of troubles. If you wish to cross over the world ocean, then you should adopt this ‘Samichin’ religion of Jinendradev. After giving up falsehood, save yourself from ills like violence, falsehood, theft, ill behaviour and family possessions. This is the way leading to salvation.” In this way, by delivering nectar-like teachings, Lord stays on the earth for a pretty long period. At last reaching on the Kailash mountain, taking refuge with Lord Vriashabhdev, he stays there in the company of ‘Kewals’. Recreation and lessons of ‘Kewals’ continue there themselves. It is not on account of their wishes.

Benefits of Liberation

In the end, Lord Bahubali, after destroying the remaining murderous deeds (Aghatiya Karmas), attains imperishable and infinite salvation of the highest pleasure, where there is no birth, death, hunger, greed, sleep, drowsiness, worldly pleasures, or grief. There is immortal happiness, born out of the soul itself, and along with that there is the end of infinite qualities. Now that Bahubali shall not take his birth (avtar) again in the world, Lord Bahubali, who is the foremost in attaining salvation, may bless us with strength and liberation like him.